ADA Engineering World Sdn Bhd capability as part of industry deliverables

To provide new standards of Reliability, Innovation, and Professionalism And Real World Experience In Our Services; Thus Earning The Privileged Trust, Confidence And Last Business Relationship With Our Clients Be It Large Or Small, Local Or Foreign, Near Or Distant.

Although in our industry it is common to be given short notices, tight schedules and to be in unpredictable environments, we strive to maintain an unmatched level of service. It is with this in mind we pledge:

To respond to each and every enquiry as quickly as possible.

To provide accurate, competitive pricing and quotes.

To have the most experienced and most dependable crew for each project undertaken.

To ensure that our staffs are well informed on the expectations of our clients for each project undertaken.

To be punctual – arriving at and completing projects in a timely fashion.

To provide complete accessibility and communication during each project.

To keep safety foremost in mind at all times.

To give our very best effort every single time.

To provided complete and total satisfaction for our clients.




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